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Function enhancement

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  • Mass processing
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WeeShare for Business

Infrastructure organized, adapted to your needs

Do you already use WeeShare for your company and need support or minor adaptations? Are you looking for a platform to organize your infrastructure? Would you like specific functionality tailored to your needs? Do you need an app with your own branding for your project? WeeShare has a modular structure, we adapt everything according to your wishes. If required, we can optimize our system for you, offer you access to the subdomain of your choice, deliver data exports and more.

With WeeShare-Business we take sharing to a new level, because this time the focus is on the app's potential in the area of commercial use. WeeShare-Business offers companies a professional platform to organize infrastructure, bundle user groups and coordinate available resources to save costs, manpower and energy through structured sharing of items. Shared items, users, bookings and costs are managed and operated easily and clearly via the WeeShare app. New features in user management and item settings, extended services and support, as well as the possibility to use own branding, make WeeShare-Business an interesting tool in the management of in-house resources. Weeshare-Business customers have access to a corresponding customer portal for managing and controlling the application.

User management

User overview and control

At any time, WeeShare Business allows you to control all users and their items assigned to your project. For cost transparency of our plans, which are billed by created items and users, we provide all the information you need. For your own project, you can completely isolate your users from the WeeShare environment, so they are only visible within your environment.


Configurable user notifications

For your WeeShare Business environment, you define which notifications are sent. Optimize your WeeShare Business for your specific use case. HTML emails as well as the entire WeeShare interface are displayed in your branding and the texts are designed by us according to your specification.

An important topic in terms of corporate marketing and branding is the integration of one's own cooperate identity in Weeshare Business. Appearance, text and image can be adapted to the customer profile. As part of our services, we will be happy to provide you with a technician for the development of appropriate adaptations. Design and text can then be managed by the customer via the WeeShare customer portal. Languages already integrated into the system are German, English, French and Spanish.


Automated interface to your project

The API is an interface between WeeShare and your project. You can exchange data with our system in the background and automate complex processes from your project. For larger projects we provide resources to help you with the development and integration of your project.

Die App für vernetztes Teilen
Reach your target group for your project

You have the idea, we deliver the app

WeeShare is based on basic functions such as chat, accounting, position and reservation system. Based on this, the client is available in the web, as an iOS or Android app. Depending on the application, an app with such features can quickly cost up to half a million and more. Do you have a project or already have a platform and would like to have the right app for it? We deliver the whole package: iOS App, Android App and web presence according to your taste, for a fraction of the normal costs. We customize the function and design for you and put the finished app online, ready to download, for millions of users. If required, we provide you with an API to connect your system to ours.

5 reasons to use WeeShare

The easiest way to organize infrastructure

Simple to useSave time. Simple, clear user interface allows you to share inventory with just a few clicks.

SurveyReservations, costs and inventory position always under control.

CommunicationPush messages for chat, comments and all actions when your inventory is shared.

DisposabilityIn the office via browser or on the street, WeeShare is always accessible via the app.

No DevelopersWeeShare is a ready-to-use system and is constantly being further developed by us.