Share routes and positions with WeeShare

Share routes and positions with WeeShare

The position system

When people share it is a basic need to know where the shared object is. In addition, in many cases it makes sense to record the distances travelled with the object. WeeShare offers the appropriate tools for both cases. With the route recording, expenses can also be distributed accordingly and costs per distance travelled can be charged automatically.

Mark the position on the map and everyone knows immediately where the car, boat plane or whatever you share is located. Especially in urban areas there are usually no fixed parking spaces due to lack of space and therefore change frequently. The distance recording also enables enables you to list and distribute expenditures according to the use of the object. The same applies here as for bookings: If several people are involved on routes, they can be added when the route is recorded. This means that all expenditure can be distributed fairly. If it is agreed in the group that routes also incur costs at the same time, these can be recorded by administrators accordingly. These costs are automatically allocated after the recording of routes. More information on how to configure costs and expenses can be found here: Expense and cost settings

The position overview

On the position overview you can see where the object is and a list of all recorded routes and associated costs. Click on the map or on «Change position» to set the current position of the object. With the «+» icon you can manually enter routes or automatically record the route with a click on «track movement».

The position system - The position overview of WeeShare  

Entering Routes

You enter manual distances in the corresponding unit. If costs are activated for the object, they are allocated at the same time when they are saved. You can add more users to this route so that the costs are shared accordingly.

The position system - Entering Routes with WeeShare  

Recording tracks

With «track movement» WeeShare lets you automatically record your route. To do this, position your smartphone in direct contact with the sky so that the accuracy of the recording is optimal. In your profile you can additionally activate that the other users of the object can follow your recording live.

The position system - Recording tracks with WeeShare  

Distances and expenses

In the item settings the capture of expenses with distribution to distances can be activated. After that, all expenses can be connected with distances. In this way, the amount of expenditure is distributed among the users concerned on the basis of the distances recorded. Note that the distribution of expenses changes accordingly with newly recorded routes.

The position system - Record expenses by distances with WeeShare  

Route news

To be always up to date, every change in routes is displayed in the chat. In addition, the difference in distance and balance sheet (if this concerns it) is listed. According to your item settings you will receive a push or email notification at the same time.

The position system - Track news on WeeShare  

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Felix Marti2018-09-10

Eine tolle App. Wir nutzen sie seit 8 Monaten für die 'Autoteilete'. So langsam haben wir auch herausgefunden was sie alles kann. Gerade das Strecken erfassen verdiente einen eigenen, direkten 'Link' wie Position oder Ausgaben etc. Gut wäre auch, es liesse sich statt der Distanz der effektive km Stand bei Rückgabe eingeben, der dann vom neuen Nutzter als neuer Ausgangswert übernommen wird und mit seinem km Stand bei Rückgabe automatisch die gefahrenen km berechnet werden.Das gäbe eine Sicherheit, dass alle gefahrenen km auch aufgeschrieben sind.

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