Neighborhood sharing with WeeShare

Neighborhood sharing with WeeShare

Share with neighbours

Are you ready to put an end to pointless consumption? Sharing with neighbours is a highly efficient way to reduce resource consumption worldwide. The trend is already being implemented in modern architecture by creating more common rooms that can be shared by all tenants. We go one step further with the possibility to share things with your direct environment.

Cleaning-, garden-, kitchen-, leisure equipment, shared areas, garage equipment, tools, photographic equipment, services, temporary parking spaces, summer houses. An endless list of things you usually try to store somewhere and rarely use. There seem to be only small details, but they are present in all households, resulting in a flood of wasted resources. We have given a lot of thought to how we can best integrate this case into WeeShare and offer the right instrument to counter this problem.

Sharing with neighbours - how does it work?

Click on the «+» icon under «What I share» and select «Share with neighborhood». This allows you to share your first object in the immediate vicinity. Below is an example of a wrench set we want to share with our neighbours.

Use a suitable name, a picture and additionally (if necessary) a description. This information, your profile picture and your name will be found by your neighbours later.

Share with neighbours - The object description in WeeShare  

Below you see the visibility of your object. Select a position where the object is located so that the map appears and you can see the radius of visibility. All WeeShare neighbours in the red marked area can now see the object. We provide different visibility sizes. For example, if you want to share your object not only with neighbours but with the whole neighbourhood, move the slider to the right until «neighborhood» appears.

Share with neighbours - The object description in WeeShare  

With «Next» the wrench set is ready to share and you can invite your neighbors directly by sending an invitation. In the item overview you can click on the gear wheel to adjust the above settings or to make further ones at any time. For example, you can specify a price for borrowing, Blocking periods in which the object cannot be borrowed, common expenses control, enable routes if it is a vehicle and much more. You can find more information about the options available to you here: Item settings

What do the neighbors see?

Now that we have successfully created the wrench set, all WeeShare neighbours in the selected environment of the object will be able to see it.

Under «Item Search» all objects are displayed to the WeeShare neighbours in whose visibility they are located. Our wrench is therefore in the immediate vicinity. The details of all objects in this list can be displayed.

Share with Neighbors - The Item Search in WeeShare  

In the preview they see the information we have given. You now have the possibility to send a request for sharing. If this is accepted, the sharing can start and the object can be booked. To prevent misuse, the position of the object is never exactly displayed in this preview, only a large area in which the object is located somewhere.

Share with Neighbors - The Item Preview in WeeShare  

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