Share an aircraft with WeeShare

Share an aircraft with WeeShare

Plane sharing

Not everyone can afford an airline ticket, even less can an aircraft. Nevertheless, the private flight license has become an affordable project. As soon as the training is finished, the actual problems of flying arise - the costs. WeeShare provides the tool for professional cost sharing and communication and makes sharing possible in an unprecedented form.

The dream of flying inspired many of us long before the first planes were in the air. The moment when objects weighing tons rise into the air in front of us like feathers seems unlikely and magical to us. Over a hundred years after we created the first airplanes, it is and remains a dream of many people to float in the air. A dream also because flying is very expensive. With a few exceptions, all those involved in private flying must work together with aviation communities to secure the financing of this expensive hobby. WeeShare gives pilots the ability to keep communication, availability and costs under control at a stroke.

Reserve the plane

With the Booking system pilots assigned to an aircraft can make reservations. After that the plane is reserved and all other pilots are informed. The sum of all bookings is listed in hours and minutes for all pilots. These booking times can be used to distribute costs by time of use per pilot. If several pilots are involved in a booking, they can be added when creating the booking. This distributes the booking times accordingly. Administrators can also add blocking periods during which the aircraft is not available for reservations.

Recording a flight

To use not only the usage time but also the movement for cost distribution, WeeShare provides automatic recording of flight movement or manual recording in kilometers or miles. Corresponding values are recorded for each user and can be distributed accordingly for output. As with bookings, additional pilots for a route can also be recorded here, so that the distribution of expenses corresponds to this. If an Internet connection is available during the flight, the flights can be followed live by the other users (you can activate the corresponding option in your profile under «Movement»). The recorded flight routes can also be saved and are available for later viewing. In addition, the position system offers storage of the current position of the aircraft. You can find more information about the position system here: The position system

Expenses and costs of the aircraft

The output and cost system gives the pilots the possibility to distribute expenses to other pilots. This distribution can be uniform, by usage times and or distances. In addition, costs for booking times and distances can be charged, which are billed immediately after entry. All costs and expenses are displayed as a balance sheet for all users and can thus be allocated to each other according to desired periods.

Notification and communication

All activities in the app are immediately sent as push or e-mail messages and are recorded in detail in the chat. In particular, balance sheet changes as well as booking times and distances are displayed chronologically in the chat so that the changes can be tracked in the best possible way. Via the note system, important topics can always be discussed and recorded at hand.

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