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For people, it is becoming increasingly important to share vehicles in different ways. Although work is already underway on the self-propelled vehicles, there is still a lot of work to be done before the public roads are ready for this project. Meanwhile, car sharing is very popular, which is why in this article we discuss the different types of car sharing and its advantages and disadvantages and show how smart money can be saved.

If you don't have your own car, but need one now and then? In this case, car sharing cannot be avoided. Which type is best suited for this depends entirely on the requirements. Who really only rarely needs a vehicle gets along best with car pools like Uber or Lyft. Since these are considerably cheaper than taxi companies, they spread accordingly fast. However, if you need a vehicle again and again but not often enough to buy your own, then there are several possibilities which we highlight in this article.

Find out whether car sharing is worthwhile for you:

 Carsharing Calculator

Carsharing Organizations

You can recognize them from a distance; always painted with company colours, well visible logo and often minimal equipment; the car sharing cars. Companies such as these offer their customers their own vehicles for use and charge for mileage and rent per hour. In contrast to car rental, these companies try to set up many different locations with available vehicles and usually operate fully automated. For example, it is possible to unlock the car with a card or smartphone.

++ Good availability
+ Cheaper than rent
+ Vehicles in good condition
- More expensive than private car sharing

Public private carsharing

Similar to pure car sharing companies, these companies also rent vehicles at KM and hourly rates. However, the vehicles are owned by private individuals. They in turn get a share of the rental price and can earn some money if they don't need their vehicle. The question of trust between the passenger and the lessor remains controversial. Although the car owners are protected against damage by insurance, there is no guarantee against bad smell, misuse or doubt. On the other hand, passengers can only guess at the condition of the vehicle. Nevertheless, this business model is very widespread, mostly because financially strong automotive companies are shareholders of this business model.

+ Cheaper than renting
+ Vehicles mostly in good condition
- More expensive than private car sharing
- Prices and availability vary greatly
-- Confidence

Private carsharing

For this purpose, private individuals buy a car together and share it independently. This model can pay off very quickly. Share 3 persons over 2 years a vehicle with an average of 10'000 km so you can save another 50% compared to commercial car sharing. It is by far the cheapest model of all (calculate by yourself: Carsharing Calculator). The disadvantage of this model is the availability of only one vehicle. Without good organization, sharing quickly becomes a quarrel. WeeShare itself was developed for this very reason and nowadays not only promotes the sharing of vehicles but also everything that can be shared. More information on how to share your car with friends can be found here: Share a car

++ Lowest-priced model
+ Confidence
+ Private Owned Car
+ WeeShare for Organization
- Availability at Many Divisors

Conclusion carsharing

Whichever car sharing model is used, the car as a status symbol has lost its paint. In the future, owning a car without sharing it in any way will only be money thrown out of the window. An exciting question will be whether the car companies react in time or whether they are going to face the same situation as music companies had done with Napster back in the days.

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