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Bookings and Reservations

Availability is and remains the linchpin of everything that is shared. When sharing, it must be clear when it is available and when not. With our booking system you can easily determine who can and may use it and when. The system is simple and intuitive, yet lets you make many settings that are important and useful for sharing.

Enter start and end and everyone knows. In addition, WeeShare also lets you repeat bookings daily or weekly so you don't have to record every single booking. Also create lock periods in which the shared cannot be posted. With these basic functions, the reservation system can also be connected to the expenses made. For example, you can share out the costs fairly on reservations made: If you book a lot, you pay more. We've thought of everything: if you're not travelling alone, you can add other people to the booking, with WeeShare distributing the booking times accordingly.

The booking overview

On this overview you will find all information of all recorded past and future bookings. In the lower part you can see who has booked the shared for how long and, if available, all archived bookings. You can also see how long the shared data is currently available (green field) or how long a current booking will last. Click on Future bookings to get an overview of all upcoming bookings. With the «+» symbol or by clicking on a current availability you can immediately create a new booking.

Bookings and Reservations - The booking overview of WeeShare  

Future bookings

The view of future bookings shows all upcoming bookings and blocked periods in which the shared cannot be booked. Administrators can enter the locking periods in the item settings.

Bookings and Reservations - Future Bookings  

The Calendar

With the calendar you can see when the item is available or has already been reserved (marked red). Click on the day of your choice, set the time and then click on the end of reservation field to enter the same for the length of the booking. Click «Finish» to save the booking. The booking appears in the chat and all participants are informed by push or e-mail.

Bookings and Reservations - The WeeShare Calendar  

Add booking

When creating bookings you will see possible costs below. You can also repeat the selected booking time (Repeat bookings must be activated in the item setting). To your booking you can add additional information which is visible to all participants. With «Involves» you can add more people to this booking. This is taken into account for any costs or expenses that are distributed over posting times.

Bookings and Reservations - Booking Options  

Cost per hour

In the item settings you can define whether a booking generates costs and to whom they are credited. Select an amount to be debited for all future bookings when they are completed.

Bookings and Reservations - Costs for bookings  

Booking times and expenses

In the item setting , you can activate the entry of expenditures with distribution by booking times. Afterwards all expenses can be connected with booking times. The amount of the expenditure is distributed on the basis of the postings entered. Note that the distribution of expenses changes accordingly with new bookings.

Bookings and Reservations - Combine expenses with booking times  

Booking News

In order to be always up to date, the bookings are displayed in the chat on creation and on completion. In addition, changes to booking times and balance sheet (if applicable) are listed. According to your item settings you will receive a push or email notification of changes to bookings.

Bookings and Reservations - Booking Notification  

WeeShare booking system

With the possibilities described here, there are no limits anymore and you always keep track of the availability of your car, boat, meeting room or whatever you share. If there is anything else you need, don't hesitate to contact us or leave a comment right here.

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