Share Your Things!

A mobile app to organize your shared stuff.

Do you own a car, boat or a vacation home which is also used by other people? Do you share your outdoor equipment or a studio with friends? Coordinate reservation requests and keep track of expenses and costs. Communicate with other users and let them know where the object is located. Invite more friends to share with WeeShare. Use WeeShare to manage everything you share with other people.


Share your item with dedicated users or make it publicly available.


Describe your item, define rental fees and terms of use or lock it temporarily.


Send messages to everyone who uses this item or get in touch with a specific user.


Specify an item location. Capture routes to distribute expenses fairly.


Check the availability of an item and add bookings.


Track your expenses and distribute them among all users.

People who use WeeShare say

«We share a car in a group of 3 people and we are all the time up to date. We know where it is, who it needs and what it costs. Awesome!» - Sonja
«I am a pilot and like many other private pilots, we share a plane in a group of 7 people. In the past we had a lot of troubles organizing it. Those problems are now gone.» - Peter
«With the app we orginze our vacation flat. It is very useful to have an overview of bookings and expenses on it.» - Marion
«WeeShare is great on sharing a boat with friends. Nomore confusion on who has it when! Nice tool to organize.» - Markus
«I accidentally found the app. Pure Luck! A trip with friends without any money disaster! Delivers what it promises.» - Rachel
«We share all expenses on our beautiful flat. Internet, power, insurance, rental costs - all is under control, thx WeeShare!» - Till

Privacy Policy

We care about your privacy and your data. WeeShare takes all necessary measures to protect personal information against loss, misuse, unauthorized access, unauthorized disclosure, manipulation, or destruction. All data and services are hosted on systems in Switzerland and any data traffic is protected by https. Any information you provide to us will only be used for the functionality of the WeeShare application and we will protect and process your data in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations. We never do share any of your data with third parties. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our privacy standards.